Landscape design and remodeling

Landscape design and remodeling
Look out your window. Do you see the yard you’ve always wanted?

You’re only weeks away from the yard of your dreams. Meet our landscape architects and tell them about the yard you’ve always wanted. Whether you’d like simple elegance or an extravagant floral paradise, we pay close attention to your needs and preferences to create your ideal atmosphere. After discussing your preferences we can give you an estimate within 24 hours.

Landscape remodeling is a cost-effective alternative

If your current landscape is suffering from minor neglect or you’d like to make small changes without a complete re-design, remodeling is an excellent option. We’ll talk with you about modifications to your existing design so it’s fresh and exciting once again. Often we can even offer you an estimate on the spot.

Custom Sprinkler Systems

Custom Sprinkler Systems

You’ll save time and money with an efficient, automatic sprinkler system from VK. Keep your entire lawn and garden watered perfectly without any effort.

Sprinkler and irrigation services include:

• Sprinkler system installation
• Sprinkler maintenance and repair
• Irrigation design and installation

Monthly Maintenance Services

Monthly Maintenance Services

It’s a well-known fact that you’ll love your home more when your yard looks great. Don’t let your favorite part of the house run to ruin – VK Landscaping has 20 years of experience keeping every tree pruned perfect and every blade of grass blowing in the right direction.

Moss and weed control

You don’t want to spend time weeding the garden every weekend or fighting futilely against invasive moss. We’ve got moss and weed management solutions to keep your yard in top shape all year long.

Lawn care

If you love a swath of gorgeous green grass as much as we do, you know exactly how much work it takes to maintain. Eliminate the hassle of regular mowing and edging with VK’s lawn maintenance packages. We’ll also help you find the perfect balance of fertilizers and install a custom sprinkler system for worry-free watering.

Tree trimming

Overgrown trees blocking your perfect view? Is your Japanese maple out of control? With VK’s tree pruning service you can stop worrying about it and let us handle all your tree maintenance needs. We have 20 years of experience keeping trees healthy and trim.

Topping and pruning

Shrubs, bushes and large plants need to be carefully topped and pruned, not just to keep a pretty shape but to keep them growing as they should. Make sure you trust an experienced and skilled landscaper like VK to do all your delicate pruning.

Landscape for businesses

Landscape for businesses

If you manage apartments, condos or office buildings and need an experienced and reliable landscaping contractor, consider VK Landscaping. We have 20 years of experience designing, constructing and maintaining attractive landscapes for businesses in the Puget Sound and we’re committed to absolute customer satisfaction.

Our services for businesses include:

• Lawn maintenance
• Pruning and trimming
• Moss and weed control
• Landscape design and remodeling
• Sprinkler system installation and maintenance